Foreo Iris Illuminating Eye Massager Review

Foreo Iris Illuminating Eye Massager Review

Hello, my dear readers! I happy to share a new eye massager review with you! I picked up an Foreo eye massager on Amazon. Foreo Iris illuminating eye massager is an original appliance that has been created to leverage stress, fatigue, and improve eye health. In fact, Foreo Iris features a unique form and is equipped with innovative technology, which slowing down skin aging. Owing to the new approach implemented in the solution, Foreo Iris eye massager has received a lot of positive reviews from many ophthalmologists. Foreo eye massager significantly makes absorbency faster and increases the effectiveness of cream for the skin.

Foreo Iris illuminating eye massager has been specifically created for the around eye area, although it can be applied on other sites as well. The work of the Foreo Iris appliance is the most efficient at that specific area, where the skin is three-five times thinner. Manufacturer states that Foreo eye massager stimulates the serums absorption, induces blood circulation, accelerates the removal of excess fluid, and removes wrinkles.

Foreo Iris Set

Set includes Foreo Iris Eye Massager, Charging USB Cable, Manual, Warranty Card and Travel Pouch.

Foreo Iris Design

The design of Foreo Iris is surprisingly harmonious. There is a very comfortable base, which makes it comfortable to hold Foreo eye massager in your hand. At the same time, owing to the curved lines from above, you can turn Foreo Iris eye massager around and choose the most convenient technique for you. Furthermore, Foreo Iris illuminating eye massager is made of the same material as all Foreo devices – hypoallergenic non-porous silicone. This material of Foreo Iris prevents the accumulation of bacteria and is generally safe for the skin.

What Technology Is Used in Foreo Eye Massager?

As well as in other devices of the brand, the sound vibrating technology is used in Foreo illuminating eye massager. What is more, the professional work of Iris is imitated thanks to the movement of the fingers.

How to Use Foreo Iris Massager

You can use Foreo eye massager during morning/evening by doing the procedure in a following way:

  1. Apply cream or serum to the area around the eyes with the tips of fingers.
  2. Attach Foreo eye massager to the around eyes area, moving from the center to the edges of the eye. Be aware to use Foreo massager both under and above the eyes. Spend no less than 20 seconds for processing one eye with Foreo illuminating eye massager. Otherwise, there will be hardly any effect.

For optimum results, before applying Foreo massager, we strongly recommend you to clean the face with a gel for an ideally clean and breathable skin.

Benefits of Foreo Iris Eye Massager

Foreo massager is equipped with a timer, which signals when it is necessary to finish treating one eye and move on to the next eyelid, which is a good thing to mention in this Foreo massager review. One session of Foreo illuminating eye massager using takes approximately half a minute, that is, two eyes can be processed in a minute with Foreo eye massager. However, if there are a few minutes at your disposal, then you can perform the procedure with Iris a bit longer.

Foreo eye massager delicately eliminates all the skin imperfections. Besides, Foreo eye massager assists in getting rid of under-eye circles, baggy lower eyelids, and small wrinkles. Among the indications for using Foreo massager are the following ones:

  • Increasing the absorption of creams.
  • Making the skin around eyes softer, looking fresh, and healthier
  • Using Foreo Iris as the final stage of a daily care and/or as a relaxing home “ritual”

I do hope that this Foreo eye massager review was useful and provided necessary information about the operation principles, therapeutic indications, special features, and benefits. If you need any extra information, visit Foreo Iris page on Amazon with customers reviews.

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