Breo iSee4 Review

Breo iSee4 Review

Hi, guys! How often do you come home from work completely exhausted? Since I spend a lot of time at PC, I have some eyes problems and a headache. So I decided to buy an eye massager from Amazon. I spent a lot of time checking store items and finally choose Breo iSee4 on Amazon. It had enough good customers reviews. Above I added one more interesting Breo eye massager from Amazon for a good price.

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Breo iSee4 wireless eye massager set

Set includes eye massager, charger and a black travel case. It is a smart choice for people who travel a lot. Case protects Breo iSee massager from any external influence.


Breo Isee4 design

Breo iSee4 is a rather ergonomical massager. It is 180 degree foldable, which makes it suitable for everyone. Breo iSee 4 is easy to adjust for any head size. No squeezing or other discomfort guaranteed.


Generally, it looks like any other eye massaging machine: white mask with small screen on it. Although, no plugs or wires needed.

Power of Breo eye massager

Breo iSee4 is wireless digital eye massager. It works from one powerful li-ion battery. One charge is enough for a week of regular use. Breo iSee4 eye massager set includes no additional battery, but you can get it from Amazon.

Concept of Breo Isee

Eye massager uses air pressure and vibration to help your muscles to relax. Skin receives pleasing impulses to help it renovate faster. Blood pressure gets back to norm. This is how Breo iSee4 wireless digital eye massager helps us to relax.

During every procedure, users enjoy miraculous sounds of nature.

Air settings are also available. Choose hotter or colder streams and select the power you want. Then relax and enjoy!

Same with vibration. Eye massaging machine offers a few moods to choose. From slight to hard. Depending on your taste and skin type.

Functions of Breo eye massager

Most of reviews describe massaging machine as a soother for eyes. Although, its spheres of influence are much wider. The manufacturer claims that this device can be used for:

  • Under eye circles treatment. Breo iSee4 eye massager is perfect for reducing the visibility of dark circles.
  • Puffiness reduction. Same with this one. It occurs due to Breo iSee 4 impact on blood circulation. Liquid outflow goes faster and puffiness becomes less visible.
  • Headache cure. It is caused by proven impact on muscles, veins and skin. Migraine vanishes after users relax completely. This is why people, who suffer from constant headaches take this device with them everywhere.
  • Insomnia treatment. Manufacturer claims that soothing sounds and face massage can help anyone to fall asleep faster.
  • Sleeping disorders cure. We all know the effect of buzzing and vibrating devices are having on babies. Breo iSee4 eye massager has the same impact on adults. Unconsciously returning us to the times a fan or riding car was enough to make us fall asleep.

Tutorial says Breo iSee4 can be kept on overnight. Although it surely causes a lot of anxiety for those who prefer side sleeping.

  • Eye strain relief. Good massage can help with any strain. Professional eye massage can keep your vision fine despite daily work at computer monitors. With Breo iSee4 your eyes are double protected.
  • Dry eyes treatment. We all know this awful feeling. Sometimes optrex does not help. But Breo eye massager is here to help you. One procedure is enough to feel fine again.
  • Sinus pressure normalization. Tension is killing. Nothing can cope faster with it than reviewed massaging machine.
  • Blood circulation improvement. Having troubles with blood pressure? Our reviewed massaging machine is here to normalize it. Vibration and warm air will raise it up immediately. Try cold air if it is already too high.




    • Easy to use
    • Enough to get fresh after half an hour
    • No wires
    • Can be charged once a week on regular use
    • Eye massager can be safely taken anywhere in travel case
  • No sound control

I tried to give you complete Breo iSee4 review. I did my best to make review and hope you can make the right choice if you decide an eye massager. Goof luck!


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  1. Hi my breo isee4 eye massager is great on temple massage but not really great on my forehead above my eyes .I want more pressure on that part..Is it same to your breo isee4 eye massager.thanks

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