Best Eye Massager 2018: Reviews & Guide

Eye massager is a great way to relieve headaches, eye strain, temple pressure and even to treat facial pain. We did our best to create top 7 best eye massager list. Our team hopes, it will be useful for you. Do not forget to check out eye massagers reviews 🙂

Rating of the best eye massagers in 2018

Everything you need to know about best eye massager

These electronic devices have gained incredible popularity all over the world. When choosing the best electronic eye massager for your needs – mind that, despite the fact they all seem somewhat alike, they can have quite different functions.

We have rated popular devices according to their price, quality, ease of use and effectiveness. These are the main factors that help customers make the right choice. We have studied all reviews and share an independent opinions of goods.

Any of these eye massagers can be found on Amazon and bought in just a few clicks. However, there is something to learn before you buy it.

Popular reviews hit only the high spots of the subject. We understand what we need only after a closer look.

Here are the main factors that help us choose the best device from wide range of similar products:

  • Quality of an eye massager

We are all tired of bright reviews that promise us brilliant results without any effort. In truth, many gadgets get out of order on the third day. Thus, before buying your device -make sure it is of the highest quality.

Before an online purchase – scroll the page down for a detailed review and look carefully at the photos. Device case without scratches, holes, and glue drops is a good sign.  All buttons should be neat and fit the case. If eye massager has a display – the image must be clear without a hitch.

Every good quality device should respond to these demands. Video review is always better as it shows off main aspects of its work and more details can be spotted.

  • Adjustability of an eye massager

Like any other device – highly adjustable massagers are the best. It is good to get one that fits you perfectly. As we all are different, our head sizes differ too. There are popular devices that fit only small heads. Good models offer functions of resizing.

Someone might like hard air pressure, the others prefer slight breeze in their faces. You never know what to choose before trying it on. Thus, it is always nice to have more than one mode. It is nice to be able to adjust the temperature to your liking. Hot or cold air – only you can choose.

  • Ease in use of an eye massager

We all know the feeling when despite the bright review gadget seems quite dull on arrival. Dozens of weird buttons make us feel like we have bought a space shuttle. It is obvious that two switches are not enough for profitable work.

It should have user-friendly interface with intuitive control. If customer gets how to turn it on, set the chosen mode and turn off when needed – it is a good device.

  • Safety of an eye massager

Every such machine is electronic device first of all. And when putting anything close to the eyes we want to be sure no injuries will follow. Electric eye massager should be highly protected and bring no danger to users.

  • Effectiveness

Such device is not a bright shiny toy. People buy it counting on certain result, stated in review.

There are four types of eye massagers:

      • head and eye massager
      • eye and temple massager
      • steaming eye massager
      • eye massage machine

The last one is a mask for eyes. Such type is widely spread and easy to find on Amazon. It has one function of eye massaging for getting rid of puffy eyes.

Steaming eye massage machine is good for skin. It erases wrinkles making under eye area smooth and velvety. It uses higher pressure thus being a bit heavier than other models.

The first two are much more complicated. They are meant for migraine or headache relief, setting us in completely relaxed mood.

Some people assured their pain disappears after two-three minutes. The others claimed no result was achieved.

  • Charge of an eye massager

Like other portable devices, eye massagers use rechargeable batteries. The best models have indicators that show off power left. Choosing best eye massager customers prefer the ones with bigger accumulator capacity.

Lux class items have depot battery included. Quick recharge is also important. Popular li-ion accumulators need about two hours to get full again.

Some devices use AAA batteries, which is also comfortable. Impressive stockpile of batteries can make its usage eternal.

  • Air of an eye massager

Any eye massager effect is reached by combination of pressed and vibration. Any review states air temperatures available together with vibration modes.

Most of devices work with cold and warm air. Elite vibrating eye massager might offer personal temperature settings. Controllers help adjusting it for any needs.

  • Remote control of an eye massager

Opinions of its effectiveness vary. Some customers find eye massager remote control useless, as when you need to adjust it when wearing it – it is hardly possible without taking it off.

However, temple and eye massager review showed that with few control buttons learning their locations is a matter of three minutes or less. One procedure is enough for getting used to it.

  • Music of an eye massager

It is obvious that any procedure gets more relaxing with music on. Many companies did their best for reaching this effect. They added music players with a few meditating motives in their eye massage machine.

Some people like such music, some do not. It is the matter of taste.  Always check eye massage machine review before making decisions.

Best Eye Massager FAQ

When choosing such eye massage device you want to be certain result you get. There are some questions that bother most of the customers. We have done extensive research to find answers for all of them:

► How does best eye massager influence our skin?

Any such device is a multi-purpose device. It works in three directions. First, it stimulates our skin cells, which are very sensitive to vibration. The cell starts to work in “younger” mode. It reproduces quicker. The new cells get pushed to the surface of the skin, filling wrinkles from underneath.

The other benefit of best eye massager is muscle tone improvement. Tiny impulses cause muscle micro contractions, followed by micro relaxations. This unique effect makes facial muscles tighten up without exhausting them. After such treatment your face will look lifted, fresh, smooth and toned.

It has simulative effect on our circulatory system. It stimulates capillary and lymphatic systems, increases oxygenation and detoxes our skin.

► How does eye massager fight migraines?

It sends short impulses to our muscles stimulating the spots on head, responsible for tension. Together with it, it influences capillary system, widening blood flow, which is the shortest way to fighting headaches.  

► Is it safe?

Absolutely all types of massaging devices undergo clinical tests which make it safe for use.

► Can we take them on trips?

It is the best choice for long lasting trips. It helps us relax and enjoy the ride. People assure, any travel gets more comfortable and seems shorter if you take it with you.

► When do we see first results?

Depending on eye massager type the first results are visible after first procedures. When it comes to headaches – it depends on your physiology. People claim it takes less than ten minutes.

► How to make sure the right eye massager was selected?

It is easy! Make sure you have read best eye massager reviews carefully and pick up the one with best functions for you. Do not hesitate to check Amazon comment pages.

After you get your package – try it on. It should fit your head. No painful or feelings or discomfort. It should not slip of your head either.

Try all the moods on first procedure. Adjust music volume and try all vibration modes. If everything is fine and you haven no complaints, you have chosen the best eye massager.

► How often should we use best eye massager?

It depends on model of your gadget. However, most of them can be used daily for about eight weeks.

► Can it be used on entire face?

They were made for eyes massaging, but there will be no harm if you try it on other parts of your face too.

► Can it be used at night when we sleep?

Most of devices switch off automatically after their cycle is over. And although manufacturers do not recommend to leave it on face longer, it is fine to have a procedure before going to bed.

► Can it leave red spots on skin?

Such gadgets mostly do not cause any allergic reactions. If you have some medical skin conditions – better consult your doctor before you start.

Conclusion of the best eye massager review

As you can see, there are different categories of people who want to buy best eye massager. They have various aims and purposes. We hope our reviews will help you to pick up the right eye massager and the results will not make you wait for long.

Younger look or head ache relief – the goal does not matter. Each of us deserves the highest quality gadgets that can make lives easier, fulfilling our daily needs. Especially if they can help us relax and enjoy life without leaving the house. Stop hesitating! Dive in atmosphere of good music and wonderful massage. Stay young and fresh without costly procedures, cosmetics and services of cosmetologists.