Pure Therapy PT200 Head & Eye Massager Review

Eye massagers, such as Pure Therapy, have hit the market a few years ago. Since that time they have won significant part of it leaving many other products behind. Massaging devices for eyes and head gained insane popularity because of impressive futuristic design and unexpected impact on human body.This device is one of the latest inventions. This gadget greatly differs from all the massaging steamers launched before.

Its design will appeal to “Robocop” fans as Pure Therapy PT200 Head & Eye Massager is very similar to the famous policeman’s helmet. Putting it on will transfer you to another reality of pure pleasure and relaxation.


Pure Therapy is a massager for both head and eyes. Its relaxing waves will wash away any tension, reduce pain and make you feel amazing.

We offer you Pure Therapy head and eye massager review that describes all sides of this innovative device.

The set

Each box includes:

  • device itself;
  • remote control;
  • AA batteries;
  • power adapter;
  • earphones;
  • manual;
  • warranty sheet.

It offers more than many others massaging gadgets you may encounter. It is an all-in-one gadget that offers customers all types of massage. Even if they suffer from column head ache – it will help them get rid of it.


Beside the regular headache cure, Pure Therapy head and eye massager promises impressive impact on:

  • wrinkles;
  • puffiness;
  • eye dryness and redness;
  • muscle tension;
  • blood pressure.

Taking all these effects into account, it is a nice method to complete relaxation. The best way to get fresh after a hard day.


The device offers amazing air pressure massage. Four vibration moods allow adjusting the intensity to user’s taste and changing it remotely when needed.

Although the set covers whole head, manufacturer assures that it fits almost anybody due to its special knob.

To make massage even more pleasant – add some heat. Relaxing sounds will turn therapy into pure pleasure. There are a lot of sounds of nature in the device, from waves to birds singing.

It could be taken anywhere because of its portability. If there is no opportunity to plug it in – use four AA batteries. It is enough for this gadget.


Remote control has seven buttons. It is easy to learn how they work after about ten minutes you will be able to run your Pure Therapy PT200 Head & Eye Massager without even looking at it.

Put the set on, sit down, relax and press start button. Use the other buttons to set air pressure, vibration mood, music. Round screen holds all the key figures. Thus, you can check all settings if there are any doubts.


Pure Therapy head and eye massager is super easy in use. It does not demand any additional service. Treat it just like any other mobile gadget. Dry wipe is enough to keep it clean. Put it in the box after every procedure to avoid damages.

We did our best to make this Pure Therapy head and eye massager review. We hope that thanks to it you can now choose your ideal massaging device.


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