Panasonic EH-SW51-P Eye Massager Review

Why do people buy eye massagers? The market for these devices is developing rapidly for the past few years attracting new clients to these innovative gadgets daily.

Among all popular gadgets of this developing segment, we have picked the biggest attention drawer – Panasonic EH-SW51-P. This shiny gadget represents traditional Japanese quality and unique design.


What is in this box?

The set comes with everything you need. It includes eye massager, strap, AC adapter for charging and a manual. The first two items are clear, but the others might cause questions.

Since Panasonic is the Japanese company, users might need an adapter to charge their massagers in other countries. It is easy to order one on Amazon or buy it at one of the local stores that deals with electronic devices.

The manual is in Japanese. Although, in era of Internet, it will hardly cause any anxiety. Watch YouTube video review above and enjoy.

What are its functions?

Panasonic EH-SW51-P is a good steamer. The device is perfect for dry eyes, wrinkles, or simple relaxation. It warms up the skin around eyes detoxing and moistening it. Such procedures reduce wrinkles to help eyes to rest.

One procedure is enough to get refreshed. Massage is a well-known method to complete relaxation. Thus, users feel a burst of energy after every procedure with the device.
One session takes about twelve minutes. This is why the battery does not require charging too often.

How to use Panasonic EH-SW51-P?

The device has an algorithm, common for all popular massaging devices. Lie or sit down, put your set on using a strap, press start.
Regulate temperature, choosing between two moods, and enjoy. Some users complain about steam pressure, mentioning it is not hard enough for them.

Who should buy it?

  • Panasonic eye steamer is a smart choice for people with dry skin and those who spend most of their day at the screen.Its moistening effect helps skin to get smooth, erases wrinkles, ugly eye-bags, and reduces puffiness. It is a cheap and effective way to younger look without any effort;
  • Those who work at PC have problems with their eyes because of dryness or redness. Both can be beaten with a twelve-minute session of this miracle worker;
  • There is the third category of customers. They get EH-SW51-P for relaxing therapy. Every evening they come home and forget about daily problems enjoying refreshing massage. After a procedure, the users are ready to go on with their daily routine.

Only you can decide to buy Panasonic eye massager or skip it. We hope Panasonic eye massager review was helpful for you and you can make the right choice.


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