Breo Isee360 Eye Massager Review

Breo Isee360 Eye Massager Review

Hi, guys! In this review, we are going to bring your attention to a new eye massager. The model isee360 eye massager is based on the acupuncture practice and performs thermal vibrotherapeutics combined with compression action on the eye area. Owing to a magnetic field processed by isee360 eye massager, oxygen levels are raised, blood flow is improved, the vascular tone is normalized, and the oculomotor muscles are cleared. In other words, using breo isee360 eye massager improves the general eye condition, reduces stress, and provides for muscle relaxation.

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Breo isee 360 Eye Massager – Technical Features

The model breo isee360 is a multifunctional high-tech device for eye health. Breo isee 360 eye massager preforms several functions; all aimed at reducing the level of stress and normalizing the general condition of eye health.

  • Radiofrequency vibrotherapeutics – breo isee360 eye massager performs a certain kind of muscle training, which restores and normalizes their efficiency with the help of the rhythmic massage action.
  • Air-compression massage – breo isee 360 eye massager restores the efficiency of the eye-motor muscles. The effect of regular breo isee360 eye massager use is associated with making headaches rare, which is definitely a benefit to be specified in this breo isee 360 review.
  • Infrared heating – this action of breo isee 360 eye massager normalizes eye pressure and saturates the skin around eyes with oxygen. The heating mask of breo isee360 is made on the basis of carbon fiber, which emits infrared rays in the range of 4-14 microns.
  • Magnetic field – this feature of isee360 eye massager positively affects the cellular metabolism and improves blood micro-circulation, which is to be mentioned in this breo isee 360 review.

All the processes performed by breo isee360 eye massager are controlled by the method of interface modeling with a computer microchip. The isee360 eye massager employs the advancements of high technologies, such as an infrared heating element with low power dissipation and high radiation density in the far infrared area.

Infrared radiation of breo isee 360 eye massager

The isee360 eye massager activates cells, leads them to a resonance state, and strengthens the connections between cells and the body’s ability to regenerate. On the top of that, breo isee 360 eye massager increases immunity, improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients, activates the channels, and provides a healing effect – good features to be discussed in this breo isee 360 review.

Massage of breo isee360

Controlled by the microchip, breo isee 360 eye massager performs a light massage around the eye area, restoring the accommodative functions of the lens, the physiological elasticity of the ciliary and ciliary muscles, and prevents the longitudinal length of the optic axis of the eyeball from changing.

A magnetic field of breo isee360 eye massager

The breo isee360 eye massager employs a three-dimensional magnetic field, as has been already mentioned in this isee360 eye massager review. Constantly moving, breo isee360 crosses the magnetic lines of the acupuncture points, blood vessels, capillaries and facial muscles, thus generating microcurrents in the capillaries and performing the functions of cleaning the meridional channels.

Music therapy of breo isee 360 eye massager

The breo isee 360 eye massager is also associated with music therapy. Relaxing music and sounds of nature positively influence the general state of the body, improve and activate the metabolism in the brain cells, calm the nervous system, and relieve tension. Thus, the mood and general body conditions are improved by physiologically active substances necessary for blood circulation in the brain tissues being generated with the help of breo isee360 eye massager.


The breo isee 360 eye massager relaxes and trains the eye muscles, makes them more elastic and contractible. Five minutes of breo isee360 exposure are equivalent to ten three-minute exercises for the eyes.

Isee360 Eye Massager – Functional Capacities

Based on its functional capacities specified in this breo isee 360 review, the breo isee360 eye massager will help

  • restore the sense of vision after overwork;
  • normalize sleep;
  • increase the efficiency of the brain work.

Furthermore, the regular use of the breo isee360 eye massager will help you to achieve an excellent cosmetic effect owing to the active action of breo isee360 on the tissue, wrinkles, and puffiness. What is more, under-eye circles are reduced thanks to breo isee360. The benefits of the device are just obvious from this isee360 eye massager review.

Breo isee360 – Application

It is recommended that breo isee 360 eye massager is used by students, high schoolers, people who spend a lot of time in front of a PC screens (operators, accountants, designers, engineers, etc.), as well as those who suffer from myopia and astigmatism.


You can use breo isee360 eye massager in the following cases:

  • Myopia (myopia)
  • Progressive myopia
  • Pseudo-myopia
  • Accommodative asthenopia
  • Spasm of accommodation
  • Amblyopia
  • Hypermetropia (hyperopia)
  • Astigmatism
  • Accommodative strabismus
  • Eye fatigue
  • Computer visual syndrome


Do not use breo isee360 in the following cases:

  • eye trauma
  • burns in the eye area
  • craniocerebral trauma
  • uncompensated glaucoma
  • cataract and peripheral dystrophy of the retina
  • diabetic retinopathy

Conclusion of  breo isee 360 review

Breo isee3600 massagers have been successfully used all over the world for 10 years to treat and prevent myopia, farsightedness of mild and moderate severity, spasm of accommodation, pseudomyopia, astigmatism; to relieve eye fatigue; and in computerized visual syndrome. In our isee360 eye massager review, it achieves high rates owing to its effective treatment of light and medium degrees of myopia and hyperopia. Another important point to mention in this isee360 eye massager review is that the device improves the functional regulation of the eye muscles and optic nerve. Using the iSee-360 will help you not only to improve and maintain your eyesight but also to relax, relieve fatigue, and improve mood – important point to mention in this isee360 eye massager review.


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